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  • MFG4
    May 3-5, 2016 Booth #1931
    DAREX will exhibit at MFG4 at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT.
  • Inconel
    Guide to Machining Inconel
    Cer-Mac, Inc. has years of experience in machining Inconel and other high nickel alloys. Cer-Mac uses the Darex XT3000 tool sharpening system to sharpen center drills and drills.
  • XPS-16+
    Automatic 4-axis CNC Drill Grinder and Sharpener
    The XPS-16+ Automatic 4-axis CNC Drill Grinder and Sharpener is an extremely accurate work horse for high tech applications.
  • XT3000 Auto
    Drill Sharpener and Grinder
    The XT3000 Auto Drill Grinder and Sharpener sharpens common point styles with ease. Priced right for any small shop. Even very small shops can now sharpen their own drills, and keep on working.
  • E90
    End Mill Grinder and Sharpener
    The E90 End Mill Grinder and Sharpener quickly and easily sharpen a wide range of endmills. Renew endmills up to 1 Inch in diameter and 6 inch flute length. Easily sharpen long flute end mills. The easy-pull handle allows precise control of the air-bearing spindle.
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The Drill sharpener is a great investment

Matthew Albright, Martinsburg WV

It is one of best work equipment investments I have made.

Thomas Maguire

Works great on Guhring HSS drills.

Ryan Machacek 

Great machine, easy to use and delivers a quality sharpening every time.

Kenneth R. Rice

We use it daily and wonder how we did without it.

Eric Maslak

Very Pleased with the performance and ease of use.

Kevin Woods

I will always have a good word for your company and encourage friends and family to buy your products.


...I am here to praise your Company...I wish I could hug or shake all 65 of you for honoring our country.


I am 67 years old and you have made the first drill bit sharpener that works!

F. Miller

Thanks again to you and your crew at Darex for helping me. It's great to know there are a few companies here in America that still consider customer service a top priority.

Mark Harris

...sincere thanks for the wonderful customer service provided...attention to detail and considerable patience in answering my questions and promptly following up are quite rare in today's business environment.

B. Sack

Yours has to be among the very best, most responsive customer service I’ve ever received.

S. Aicklen

You guys went above and beyond service and sales. Your products are great, I have talked about and recommended your products to everyone that I know that uses tools.

G. Frank

I received my 10yr old sharpener back from repair … I couldn't be happier. The (repair)time was excellent, the price was beyond my expectations.


I have not found many companies that have great customer service as your company does. I look forward to doing business with you.

D. Desmond

Thank you for the best customer service I have ever received in my 69 years.


It has truly been a joy dealing with you and Darex.

David Kuras

I must say THANKS for the great technical service I received from your young lady in Tech support; she solved my problem and my machine is sharpening tools as well as the day I bought it. That is some company you have-good product, excellent technical service and a great employee attitude.

James B. Moran

Your people are the best in the business! They make customers feel appreciated and cared for... may it ever be so! I own the Drill Doctor, the WS 3000, and the knife sharpening attachment; I'm pleased with all of them, they're great products, backed by the best customer service in the business.

L. Rogers

Thanks for everything. Received my New Sharpener. I really appreciate the outstanding service that you extend to your customers and if you ever need a reference I would be honored to offer my name.

D. Murray

I wanted to let you know that I received the parts and I really appreciate you doing this for me. It goes above and beyond normal customer service – most companies would have just said they no longer made the part I was wanting and that would have been the end of it. Instead, you offered other parts, took customer service up a notch and made me absolutely positive that I chose a great product from a great company!

Jon S.

I just received the replacement machine and immediately sharpened without a problem. Beautiful!! I hope your company has acknowledged your efficiency and great customer service. You can certainly count me in as a new "fan"

Carlos B.

A lot of companies say they care about their customers and then backpedal when a customer has an issue. I’m happy to say your company is not one of them. Your quick response and resolution to my issue was impressive and confirmed your commitment to your customers.

P. Childers

You and your company have blown me away! In an age where minimalism seems to predominate, you have certainly gone above and beyond. I have always liked and used your products (I also have a Drill Doctor) and have recommended them but in the future I will be sure to express what a caring company you are.

P. Korman

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